The Oath Keepers are an “organization” that consists of soldiers, marines and law enforcement types who swear an oath to disobey any of a list of potential orders from the president that they deem to be unconstitutional.  So you may ask, “that doesn’t sound so bad, what’s the big deal?”  The problem arises when you also take into account the paranoid conspiracies that swirl amongst these erstwhile patriots.  Many or some at least are decent, reasonably well-adjusted individuals.  Others would likely have gotten on really well with Timothy McVeigh. 

Here’s the real problem as I see it: 

You’ve got emotionally unstable, heavily armed men who harbor hysterically paranoid fears about the impending totalitarian coup being planned by the Obama administration.  What happens when the impending disaster that these guys “know” is coming doesn’t come soon enough?  We end up with a situation where people who have already made preparations for the end of the world as we know it, and are in some ways looking forward to the coming battle get impatient and figure that they may as well start it and get the jump on things.  Mark my words, these nutty bastards are going to blow something up or assassinate someone- and who knows what these unstable crackpots are likely to do when the Feds come to manage the crime scene.  Hopefully they’ll scurry back under the rocks from whence they’ve come.

Here’s the link to the Mother Jones article:

Here’s the sanitized for public consumption promotional video, complete with inspiring patriotic orchestral theme music: